Salt Candle Holder

Salt Candle Holders are a great addition to the home. Putting glowing salt candle holders in your rooms can produce an exotic effect. Spring up the romanticism in an incandescent surrounding created by the salt candle holders. Our Salt Candle Holder Is ideal for your dinner table or any place you want to be with clean air. Can be a perfect gift for special occasions. Can purify your environment through ionization, if used for a long time. Our salt candle holders are also the favorite choice for restaurants as they produce warm, glowing and clean ambiance. The Heart Salt Candle Holder is an ideal choice for romantic occasions, while the Two Hole Salt Candle is peculiar in its own way.

Salt Candle Holder

Five Hole Natural

Curving Stand

Five Curly Stand

Three Curly Stand

Royal Himalayan Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder

Royal Exceptional Tealight Candleholder


Royal, heart-shaped, “HEART”, ca. 10.5 cm in w/d, and the Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder “ROUND”,

Royal "CYLINDER" , "STAR" and "CUBE" are elaborately ground by hand.

Royal "LOTUS FLOWER". Candleholder