Quality Policy

Royal Pink International Refinery is committed to satisfy its customers with high value error free quality salt on time and every time. It is the vision of Royal Pink International Salt Refinery to be a world-class leader in the field of Salt manufacturing. This vision will be met by providing salt, which consistently exceeds the expectations and specifications of our customers. Involving all our members and associates in an effort to continually improve the value of our products, processes and services. This added value will be realized through our ongoing commitment to the training and development of our greatest resource, our people. Enabling our work force to build strong partnership. We are committed to continually keep on improving the effectiveness of our Quality, Food safety and Halal Food Safety Management system while ensuring it remains compliant to the ISO 9001:2015, BRC and Halal Food Managment System standard using latest state of the art technologies. Corporate objectives will be routinely reviewed, to ensure they reflect the evolving needs of Royal Pink International, and that they continue to satisfy our customer’s requirements.


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