Royal Pink International was established in 2001 with a team of a handful of employees; and now, it has grown into the largest manufacturer, processor and exporter of Himalayan Salt Crystal Products of Pakistan. Currently, we have a work force of 200 professional employees, specialized in Mineral Salt Production. Our company, currently, owns two factories: one in Lahore and the other in Rock Salt Mining Area Quaid-Abad city. The establishment of the third factory is under process.

Our company regularly consults with PCSIR (Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) to maintain distinctive reputation in Himalayan Salt products and packaging. Royal Pink International, being the leading manufacturer of Himalayan Salt, produces all types of Edible Salt, Cooking Slabs, Salts Lamps, Salt Candles, Table Salts, Bath Salts, Animal Salt Licks, and Salt Pipe Inhalers. Our factory area encompasses around 18,000 square feet, where we carry out manufacturing and quality control of Himalaya Salt. We dedicate our special efforts to research and development [R&D].Presently, our Pink Salt production & processing capacity is over 5,000 M.Tons per year.

Royal Pink International’s spirit in quality policy implementation has made us unique compared to other Himalayan Salt Crystals possessing organization in the region with respect to quality and prices. Timely delivery of goods is one of the key factors of our success, and we do not compromise on standard while speeding up the delivery process. We also offer design and OEM services. Customer’s feedback is very important to us and we seek guidance from the comments of our valued customers.


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